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Dakota Johnson for Vanity Fair (x)

It’s a lot of getting into the character’s head, Ana’s headspace, kind of before she meets Christian. So it’s a lot of reading, which I love, but she’s an English major, so that’s kind of boring. - Dakota Johnson

Anastasia Steele - Fifty Shades of Grey


reasons i dont want to go back to school

  • homework
  • being forced to be around dumb,horrible, and mean people for so long
  • have to wear a bra
  • forced social interaction
  • gross teachers 
  • having to actually put on clothes that arent pajamas
  • have to wake up early
  • cant stay up too late
  • no sleeping in class
  • no eating in class
  • less time for internet and friends 
  • did i mention that 80% of ppl here are giant assholes


J-Lo did it. so now i'm waiting for pitbull



O Captain! My Captain! our fearful trip is done;
Walt Whitman | RIP Robin (via raisethecurve)